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Lead Ingot
With a bulk density of 11340 kgs per cubic metre, this really is the best ballasting solution available. Ingot dimensions are variable and can be cut and cast into any size required. We can also offer this product coated in heavy duty PVC  for safe handling and to also to help stop corrosion.  

Lead Shot
Purpose made for the job, the granular shot will fill the bottom of the keel perfectly, all you have to do is add resin bonding for a perfect counterweight. Alternatively, we can supply this in  sealed easy to handle 20 kg bags so you decide on the weight distribution. Maximum bulk density is up to 8505kgs per cubic metre.  

Steel Shot
This has a maximum bulk density of 6300kgs per cubic metre and is more suitable when space is not at a premium. Supplied in either open top bulk bags or in sealed easy to handle 20kg bags.  

Steel Ingot/Slab
With a maximum bulk density of 7870kgs per cubic metre, this is an ideal product for the larger steel hulled boats and barges.It can be easily and safely handled and stacked and can be supplied with a vulcanised rubber coating to prevent oxidisation.